Terms &

Terms &

Terms &

Please read this document carefully, it tells you everything you should know about the terms on which we will trade with each other once you have accepted a quotation from Wentworth Electric Gates to supply products and/or installation services.

Quotation Validity: Wentworth quotes are valid for 30 days from receipt.

What is included with an itemised product?

Metalwork Surface Finish: All metalwork is supplied in black primer finish. Steel products are only galvanised where stated in the quotation. To help prevent rust, customers are advised to apply further good quality top coat paint shortly after installation of the gates and at regular intervals thereafter.

Timber Surface Finish: All wooden Gates supplied by Wentworth are brush coated once with an exterior wood preserver. Customers are advised to apply additional coats shortly after installation and at regular intervals thereafter. Wentworth is unable to give any guarantee against shrinkage, warping or splitting of the wood, which can be caused by natural reactions to variations in humidity, temperature and weather conditions.

Installation Services

What is included with an itemised Installation Service?

A quote ONLY includes those items as shown in our quotation and drawings will be included in the installation.

What is NOT included with an itemised Installation Service (unless stated otherwise in the Quotation)?

Preparatory groundwork: Levelling of the site and removal of trees, earth banks or any other obstructions.

Laying of cables: The laying of any required power or intercom/video cables to the gates.

Removal of excavated material: The removal of any material excavated during the installation.

Making good a driveway finish: Making good of any tarmac or block paving disturbed during installation.

Further surface treatment: Application of further coats of paint or preservative to steel or timber gate surfaces.

Normal Hours of Work

Wentworth’s normal hours of work for gate installations are between 8.00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. If you were to require Wentworth to install your gate outside of these hours, the installation will be charged at time and a half and must be agreed prior to the commencement of works.

Time quoted for undertaking and/or the completing of works, is always quoted as ‘best endeavour’ and Wentworth cannot be held responsible for delays due to circumstances outside of their control. Wentworth will however make every reasonable effort to finish the works against the agreed deadline as show in the quotation.

Charges for Variations and Additional Work

Whilst very rare, it may be a requirement to make additional charges for any variations in work we find during the installation which could not have been reasonably identified on the original quotation. Were such circumstances to arise, works will stop until such time as we have established and agreed a route forward and both parties are completely happy with the remedy and the additional cost if required.

Customer Responsibilities

Additional charges may be made if further visits to the site are made necessary because the site is not ready for any agreed visit. Please note the following:

Site Preparation: The area in which the gate is to be installed must be free from obstruction and ground works completed as agreed in the quotation.

Gate Pillars: Any new or existing gate pillars to be used should be complete, sound and capable of supporting the new gates.

Cables/Power Isolator: Any mains power or intercom/video cables of adequate length must be laid to the gate before we commence work. A power isolator switch should be available within 1 metre of the gates for our fitting team to connect the gate automation.

Access: Please ensure that we have access to the site at all times while we are doing the work, and that the site is free of vehicles and other obstructions.

Underground: Please inform us beforehand of any known underground cables, pipes or drains on the site.

Our Order Procedure

Placing Your Order: To place your order, we require a signed copy of the quotation and of the drawings accompanied by your deposit. It is very important that you check all details on the quotation and the drawings prior to the signing of these two documents.

Delivery/Fitting Date: Once your deposit has been received we will give you a delivery and fitting date. Please note that occasionally these dates may have to change due to circumstances outside of our control.


Deposit: A deposit of 50% of the total price is required with the order, with the remainder upon completion.