Welcome to Wentworth Gates, where elegance meets security and innovation blends with timeless craftsmanship in our diverse range of driveway gates. Our collection of electric driveway gates includes wooden gates, metal gates, wrought iron gates, aluminium gates, sliding gates, contemporary gates, and traditional gates, meticulously crafted to elevate your property’s entrance. From the enduring charm of wooden gates to the classic allure of metal gates and the durability of aluminium gates. Our commitment extends beyond gate variety, ensuring optimal gate automation, prioritising gate safety, providing personalised gate accessories, and empowering gate access control for paramount security and convenience. At Wentworth Gates, discover the perfect blend of quality, innovation, and personalised service for your property’s driveway.

Wooden Gates

Discover timeless elegance and exceptional durability with our premium automated wooden gates at Wentworth Gates. Crafted meticulously from premium hardwoods like Oak, Iroko, or Sapele, these gates offer durability and weather resistance. At a minimum finished thickness of 65mm and finishes like teak oil or rot-resistant Accoya wood, our gates harmonise aesthetics with robustness. Enjoy a range of bespoke designs, premium gate automation, and complimentary consultations. Read More

Metal Gates

Experience security and classic style with our premium automated metal gates at Wentworth Gates. Our wrought iron gates provide both security and durability, requiring minimal maintenance and offering exquisite designs. From design consultation to complete technical surveys, we deliver craftsmanship and efficiency. With our on-site fabrication department, premium finishes, and comprehensive gate automation, we ensure quality and personalised service. Read More

Aluminium Gates

Embrace innovation and durability with our premium automated aluminium gates at Wentworth Gates. Lightweight, hard-wearing, and rust-free, these gates offer low maintenance and endless design possibilities. Whether for contemporary or traditional properties, our gates offer unlimited design and colour options. With complete technical surveys, minimal strain on automation systems, premium finishes, and a range of gate automation options, we ensure quality and personalised service. Read More

Sliding Gates

Experience reliability and security with our premium automated sliding gates at Wentworth Gates. Tailored to unique entrances, these gates offer increased security with fast opening times. Whether it’s limited access or a steep driveway, our sliding gates provide a perfect solution for efficient gate automation. Choose from various designs, materials, and premium automation systems. Read More

Contemporary Gates

Enhance your property’s entrance with our bespoke contemporary gate designs at Wentworth Gates. From modern architect-designed properties to period homes with a blend of modern features, our contemporary gates complement diverse architectural styles. Each gate is a bespoke creation, available in metal, wood, aluminium, or stainless steel, finished in a range of colours. Benefit from premium gate automation and a complimentary gate design consultation tailored to your location and preferences. Read More

Traditional Gates

Experience the timeless charm of traditional gate craftsmanship with our premium automated traditional gates at Wentworth Gates. Whether for period or traditionally styled homes, our gates complement various architectural settings, offering sympathetic designs that align with your home’s aesthetics. Crafted using traditional methods and available in high-grade steel, cast iron, or oak, these gates embody durability and classic elegance. Discover premium gate automation and personalised gate designs, and schedule a showroom visit or a complimentary gate design consultation. Read More

Gate Automation

Partnered with Beninca, a global leader in gate automation, Wentworth Gates offers a wide array of gate automation solutions. From hydraulic and mechanical pistons to underground swing gate opening kits, our range is tailored to various gate designs, ensuring security and operational reliability. Discover articulated arm gate kits and sliding gates designed for both domestic and commercial needs, all backed by premium-brand gate automation systems. Read More

Gate Safety

Understanding the criticality of safety in gate automation, Wentworth Gates adheres to safety standards like BS EN 12453:2001, ensuring the safeguarding of gates operating in different environments. Our focus includes risk assessments, force limitation, presence detection, and additional safeguards for gates categorised as Type 2 or Type 3. We emphasise regular safety device checks and maintenance, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensuring safety and functionality is our commitment to all gate automation systems. Read More

Gate Accessories

Complete your gate installation with personalised accessories at Wentworth Gates. Choose from an array of lighting options, post box varieties, gate piers, and pier caps, each tailored to complement your gate design and personal taste. Whether it’s classic Victorian lantern-style lights or modern LED lighting, our accessories add character and functionality to your gates. Experience the visual impact of perfectly aligned piers and tailored lighting solutions for an impeccable finish. Read More

Gate Access Control

Optimise your gate’s security with our range of access control systems at Wentworth Gates. Our best-selling intercoms, including DOORBIRD (SMART), VIDEX GSM, and AES 603 / DECT 603, offer unmatched features and reliability. Whether it’s the convenience of answering your gate from anywhere or the integrated RFID readers and proximity cards, our access control units prioritise security, allowing interaction with visitors and monitoring access points for private residences, businesses, or multi-user sites. Discover tried-and-tested products, providing paramount security for your premises. Read More