Every automated gate will need some form of access control to open & close it.

This can be in the form of a simple push button right up to an HD level of colour video and audio kit. We also install loop detectors which recognize the car as it has moved away from the gate. GSM wireless offers complete control, so regardless of your location, you can still be reached and the gates can be opened.

We supply and fit a carefully selected range of mono & colour video intercoms to suit your requirements and budget. We install a variety of quality products including Daitem, Fermax and Videx depending on your requirement for audio or video door entry and access control systems.

We can supply a range of access control products to complement your Automatic gate such as:

Keypads, Code Locks & Digipads

A digital keypad can be installed by the gate so that the user has to enter the correct multi-digit sequence in order for the gate to open.

Audio Intercoms

These are ideal for home use for when a visitor calls, they press the doorbell on the cast metal call point and the phone in the house chimes. When answered, it allows the caller to communicate with the home owner. It also has options for a latch release which allows the home owner to open the door by pressing a button on the handset.

Video Intercoms

Video intercoms consist of an outside unit with a built-in microphone, a call button, a camera and a then a wall mounted handset unit & screen in the house. The caller presses the call button at the outside station and the homeowner is able to see and converse with the caller. The homeowner satisfied with the identity of the caller can then choose to open the gate or door from the handset.

Wireless Access Control

A Wireless hand set allows you to open your gate or door from the touch of a button from anywhere in your house or garden. There are three functions available allowing you to open a door, a gate and to control lighting.

GSM Wireless Intercoms

GSM Door Entry Systems employ mobile phone technology to communicate and operate doors and automatic gates. The GSM amplifier is totally self contained and only requires an external power supply and antenna. This will allow you to operate your gates from anywhere in the world once you are satisfied with the identity of the caller!