Gate Maintenance

Regular Maintenance undertaken by qualified technicians is the key to the longevity of the product and well being of your gate investment.

Maintenance Contracts run for either 1 year or 3 years subject to a Site Visit to Inspect your Gates & Assess the general health of the Automation, Access Control etc.

The Contracts cover you for 3 Non Chargeable Callouts per Annum and any parts required are quoted for.

It is normal that your annual Maintenance check would be approximately 6 months following the initial inspection visit. The inspection visit will include the following checks:

•  Check Torque on gate is set to Manufacturers Recommended Safety Levels

•  Check and fill the Lubrication as necessary

•  Check and Lubricate the Arm Fixing

•  Check underground Foundation Box and Drainage

•  Check all the Welds for Potential Fractures

•  Check Electronic Control Box Seal for Leaks


Parts will be charged at Trade Prices for everyone who commits to a 3 year maintenance contract.

This equates to a 20% discount off all mechanical and electrical parts during the entire term of your contract.

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